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    About Us

    Hangzhou financial security accounting service Co., Ltd.

    financial security accounting service& innovative service

    Hangzhou financial security accounting service Co., Ltd. is established with the approval of Hangzhou Administration for Industry and commerce, specializing in the financial agency work of small and medium-sized enterprises. Service items: acting as bookkeeping and tax declaration; acting for registration of various companies; acting as agent for enterprise change, relocation, liquidation and cancellation; providing various financial consultation, accounting training, investment consultation and economic information consultation for small and medium-sized enterprises.

    "Efficient service, innovative development" to provide customers with quality service is our purpose.

    For a long time, we uphold the professional ethics of professionals, follow the principle of confidentiality, maintain an independent perspective, and provide advice for customers. To be responsible for customers and themselves, and to maximize the interests of customers under the framework of accounting law and tax law. We sincerely treat every customer, and return your trust and support to Hangzhou caidean Accounting Service Co., Ltd. with good professional ethics, rigorous work style and high quality service level!

    The company is based in Hangzhou and radiates to the surrounding cities, forming a good pattern that the center drives the common development of the surrounding areas, and the service industries cover manufacturing, logistics, trade and other industries.

    There is no end to innovation. Caidean will take the pursuit of high-quality industry service as a cause, and will create a new mode of industry service in Hangzhou and even the whole province, and create brilliance in the field of enterprise service.

    Chengji Boyuan has a long way to go. We are looking forward to joining hands with all business management elites to make a harmonious society!

    Enterprise tenet: take the enterprise as the service starting point, devote to excavate the value source in the human resources for the enterprise

    Business policy: serving talents, enterprises and society

    Business philosophy: to customer demand as the leading, through the provision of high quality services, to create due value for customers

    Enterprise vision: create real and lasting value for customers, create suitable and long-term development opportunities for employees, and become the leader of China's human resource service providers.

    Hangzhou financial security accounting service Co., Ltd.

    Address: room 814, Guangyin building, 42 Fengqi East Road, Jianggan District, Hangzhou

    Tel: 0571-22958168

    Pang accountant: 18358186316

    QQ: 675336476 click here to send me a message

    Customer service wechat: about us (Figure 2)

    Email: psc525c@163.com

    Note: normal working hours (Monday to Friday) 8:30-17:00

    Team Introduction

        financial security accounting service are composed of enterprise management companies, tax agents, accounting firms, asset appraisal firms, real estate firms, and Venture Park Services. It is also one of the founding firms of China tax Union.

        The team members are certified tax agent, certified public accountant, lawyer, registered asset appraiser, real estate broker qualification certificate, economist, accountant, and securities qualification. All the staff are employed with certificates and have strong professional ability. They have worked in the field for nearly 20 years. They have good relations with the Tax Bureau, the industrial and commercial bureau, the Housing Administration Bureau, the real estate bureau, and the China Banking Regulatory Commission "China tax union" National Office experts and teachers of the technical background platform support.

    Our service policy advantages

       It has a good communication channel and relationship with the government, and maintains a good channel in government investment promotion and tax and financial return( Type of newly established limited company: 50-90% return ratio. Newly established individual, individual and partnership enterprises with turnover less than 20 million can be assessed and levied, and the actual tax burden is 6% or less)

       Channels and programs for optimizing human cost and senior managers: salary payment, part-time work, outsourcing, labor dispatch, and individual work-related injury insurance are used to optimize salary, and financial return is used to realize tax saving.

        The mode of sharing economy platform pays salary, avoids social security and personal tax problems, and realizes the neglect of the actual tax burden of enterprises

       The implementation of the scheme was completed through the legal procedures such as the door levy and opening.



        Provide one-stop enterprise management services, tailor-made service scheme for enterprises + design contract flow, capital flow, business flow, invoice flow, and be responsible for the practical implementation according to the design scheme. General business enterprises only need to provide information according to the requirements, without coordination and running errands (except for special business)

        Our methods are the most reasonable and legal means through business model reengineering, business model reengineering, employment model reengineering and financial return. The boss can rest assured, worry free and reassured, mainly including.

    TEL: 18358186316

    QQ: 675336476


    ADDRESS:Room 814, Guangyin building, 42 Fengqi East Road, Jianggan District, Hangzhou

    Contact customer service, please scan QR code

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