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    Financial outsourcing | news center high quality financial agency advantages:

    (1) Integrity management, good reputation guarantee.

    (2) Hangzhou Finance Bureau approved the establishment of financial outsourcing service institutions, professional financial and tax institutions, accounting quality is high!

    (3) There are strict rules and regulations, strict review and inspection system;

    (4) There are strict procedures and rules for accounting, bookkeeping and reimbursement;

    (5) Have the ability to analyze accounting data and provide suggestions for strengthening enterprise management;

    (6) Have the ability to bear legal responsibility and coordinate the handling of individual cases;

    (7) Using genuine UFIDA accounting software, and configuration of high-performance professional server, accounting speed is fast and data security is guaranteed.

    (8) For more than 5 years, the certified public accountant is responsible for auditing and checking, and the excellent accounting team is responsible for bookkeeping, so that your account is 100% healthy, professional and safe.

    (9) Ten years committed to providing high-quality financial and tax services for more than 1000 enterprises in Guangzhou and Shanghai!

    (10) We will build a stable customer service team with dedicated customer service maintenance personnel for each enterprise, and provide "one-to-one" attentive service to respond to customer needs in a timely manner.

    "Financial agency" is to rest assured, worry free and save money! After all, many customers think that the professional level and service level of caidean financial agency is the best! We sincerely welcome you to come to the company for on-the-spot investigation, so that you can have a comprehensive understanding of our company's brand strength, professional standards and service quality, and then make a decision!

    TEL: 18358186316

    QQ: 675336476


    ADDRESS:Room 814, Guangyin building, 42 Fengqi East Road, Jianggan District, Hangzhou

    Contact customer service, please scan QR code

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