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    Agency bookkeeping is a kind of accounting service activity, which is entrusted by caidean to handle account establishment, bookkeeping, accounting and reimbursement for the entrusted unit by taking advantage of its own professional skills and working experience in accordance with relevant national regulations. The characteristics of the agency bookkeeping service provided by caidean are that the tax declaration is timely and accurate, the accounting treatment is legal and standard, and the financial report is true and objective. The most important role of agency bookkeeping is to save the cost of accounting work for enterprises, create conditions for enterprises to get rid of complicated procedural work, and provide professional financial and accounting services for enterprises.

    We accept the entrustment to collect the data at home. The accountant is responsible for sorting out and preparing the accounting statements and tax returns, and then returning the information. Or according to the actual situation, the accountant can make the account by computer or by the accountant by hand.

    If you are a new enterprise, it is recommended that you choose agent bookkeeping and hand over the tedious accounting work to professional financial institutions. You will be light loaded and can focus more on your own main business development!

    If you are an old enterprise, frequent turnover of financial personnel will make your company's personnel dizzy. At the same time, the continuity and authenticity of your company's accounts will be questioned. It is suggested that you choose agent bookkeeping and simplify the financial institutions, which will provide more unexpected convenience and protection.

    The main work contents of agency bookkeeping are as follows:

    (1) According to the original documents and other materials provided by the client, carry out accounting in accordance with the provisions of the unified national accounting system, including auditing the original vouchers, filling in the accounting vouchers, registering the accounting books, and preparing the financial and accounting reports, etc;

    (2) To handle tax declaration for the client;

    (3) The financial accounting report prepared for the client shall be provided to the public in accordance with the relevant laws, administrative regulations and the provisions of the unified national accounting system after being signed and sealed by the person in charge of the agency bookkeeping agency and the client;

    (4) Provide tax information to tax authorities;

    (5) Handle other accounting business entrusted by the client.

    TEL: 18358186316

    QQ: 675336476


    ADDRESS:Room 814, Guangyin building, 42 Fengqi East Road, Jianggan District, Hangzhou

    Contact customer service, please scan QR code

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