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    Hangzhou company registration process

    What is the integration of five certificates in Hangzhou? What are the procedures for handling the five certificates in one in Hangzhou? Since October 1 last year, Hangzhou officially implemented the "five certificates in one, one license and one code" to realize the information sharing and business collaboration of multiple departments. It has been nearly a year since the implementation of the five certificates in one, and achieved fruitful results. However, some enterprises have not changed the license for one license one code Explain the process of five syndromes in one. Let's introduce it in detail.

    Hangzhou company registration process (Figure 1)


    What is the combination of five syndromes?

    The five certificates of enterprises refer to the business license, organization code certificate, tax registration certificate, social security registration certificate and statistics registration certificate. The reform system of "five certificates in one" has provided more convenient services for the start-up and growth of enterprises. The entry cost of entrepreneurship has been greatly reduced, the business environment has been further optimized, and the vitality and creativity of enterprises have been stimulated. The public entrepreneurship and innovation have been promoted, employment has been increased, and the sustainable and healthy development of economy and society has been promoted.


    Where is the convenience of integration of five certificates?

    The integration of five certificates is convenient for business admittance. The original application for opening a company needs to be handled in many departments, such as industry and commerce, national tax, local tax, statistics, human resources and social security, and quality supervision. However, after the five certificates are integrated, only one application form and one window acceptance are needed, and then the five departments' processes can be carried down at one time, and then uniformly issued with registration number, organization code, and so on Tax registration certificate number, social security registration certificate number and statistical registration certificate number of the business license, realize the integration of five certificates. The business license shall be uniformly stamped with the official seal of the industrial and commercial department.

    Hangzhou company registration process (Figure 2)


    Hangzhou five Certificate in one process?

    1. Application. Commercial subjects fill in the application form of "five certificates in one" in the online registration system, and prepare relevant materials to be submitted to the commercial registration department. The commercial registration department shall accept it uniformly, and realize "one form application and one window acceptance".

    2. Audit. The commercial registration department shall examine and verify the joint application materials. The materials approved by the commercial registration department shall be deemed as the organization code department, tax department, public security department and social security department for examination. If there are any objections or other problems due to the audit results, the applicant shall go to the corresponding competent department of the applied license to handle the corresponding business before submitting the materials online. After the examination and approval, the commercial registration department will share the relevant registration information and processing results with the other four departments to realize one audit and mutual recognition of information.

    3. I'll take the certificate. After the commercial registration department has passed the examination and approval, the applicant can go to Hangzhou market supervision and Administration Commission to obtain a license for one license and one code of business in the external window.

    4. Archive. The commercial registration department keeps the files and cases, and the image of the archives is shared with the code registration department, tax registration department, public security department and social security department to realize the file sharing.

    Hangzhou company registration process (Figure 3)


    Now the commercial registration reform in Hangzhou has reached "seven certificates in one, one license one code", that is, on the basis of five permits, the seal license and the registration certificate of housing provident fund deposit unit have been added. "Multiple certificates in one, one license and one code" is not to accumulate all kinds of licenses, but to actively implement the principle of "separation of certificates" and integrate the certificates with account opening functions of each department, which will bring more convenience to entrepreneurs and reduce the difficulty of market access.

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